We stand out from the competition in
  • The Quality of Our Wire
  • Industry best Lead Times
At WireTech   we know the best way to finish with superior quality wire is to start with the best raw material produced in the world.  With this in mind we have developed intensive mill selection and audit procedures to ensure our suppliers meet our stringent specifications.
  • Intensive mill selection
  • Rigorous audit Procedures
  • Inside storage is vital for aerospace and surface critical applications
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WireTech ‘s  cleaning and coating line is capable of removing all traces of mill scale; rust and rolling contamination is removed from the steel prior to drawing.  Our acid recovery system maintains the proper concentration while extracting scale in the form of iron hepta-hydrate which is recycled as a component for many useful products.  We work directly with you to develop custom coatings to meet your specific needs.
  • Up close visual inspection by highly trained cleaning line operators
  • Ample capacity to chemically clean 100% of our product
Some of the coatings available include:
  • Zinc Phosphate
  • Stearate
  • Lube
  • Lime
  • Grease
  • Copper
Environmentally Friendly Acid Recovery System
WireTech’s  innovative and atmosphere controlled furnaces deliver annealed wire with the highest degree of spheroidization.  Tightly sealed against oxygen contamination, with protective nitrogen atmosphere (Which we produce on site with our environmentally friendly nitrogen generation equipment), these furnaces provide consistent quality from load to load allowing us to meet the toughest requirements.
A pre-established in-process testing procedure is performed after each thermal treatment, as well as inspection of the finished products.  All annealing cycles are carefully recorded and become part of the permanent historical record on each individual order.
  • The Right Equipment
  • The Right People
  • The Most Experience
WireTech’s   state of the art shaving equipment removes all rod surface imperfections (e.g. seams, decarb).  This process has made WireTech  the number one supplier of seam and decarb free steel wire to the aerospace fastener industry. 
Our drawing equipment is capable of producing  diameters from .070” to .950” with size tolerances of +/-0.0005 on small diameter wire and +/-0.0015 for large diameter wire and coil weights up to 3500 lb.  Based on your equipment constraints, we have the flexibility to produce a wide array of coil IDs for efficient payoff.
Our straighten, cut, and grinding equipment can provide you with cold drawn and centerless ground bars in diameters between .090 and .680 inches in lengths from 6 to 20 ft.
  • Tight Size Tolerances
  • Variety of Inside Diameters on Coils
WireTech’s   quality program is based on ISO 9002, in-fact, the quality program has been certified by DQS German American Registrar for Management Systems, Inc. since March 1998. 
  • A2LA Certified
  • ISO 9002 Registered
  • Civil Aviation Authority Registered (U.K.)
  • Visual inspection by trained personnel ensures quality product and packaging
WireTech’s   laboratory is accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA certificate number 0911-01) since November 1997.  Our scope of accreditation is Mechanical and is certified to perform the following tests:
  • Mechanical
    Tensile strength
         Yield strength
         Reduction of area
         Hardness (Rockwell B & C)
· Metallography
         Decarburization depth determination
         Non-metallic inclusion rating
· Chemical
 Optical Emission Spectroscopy
WireTech’s commitment to customers comes through in the care taken to package each shipment to ensure quality and ease of handling at your facility.  In conjunction with the railroad and over the road haulers, we customize our packaging to guarantee our product meets  your specification upon arrival.
Packaging to YOUR specifications
  • Industry Standard Stems
  • Unitized bundles
  • Pallets
  • Boxed Bars
  • Racks
  • Banded or Card-boarded
  • Paper, Plastic, or Shrink Wrapped
Even with our intensive mill selection, experienced wire processing, certified quality system, and careful packaging, our commitment to you doesn’t end  with delivery.  We at WireTech look forward to providing you with the service, support, and material necessary for your products and business to thrive.