On January 14th, 2002 the name on the door was changed at 6440 E. Canning Street in Los Angeles, but inside still remained the people, the experience, and the equipment of a business that has continually been providing the highest quality wire since 1973.  We have become one of the nation’s leading suppliers of raw material to the fastener and related steel industries, providing ferrous wire and bars for Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial, and Industrial applications.

WireTech  continues the tradition of superior customer service that our people have developed over their many years in the industry and to which our customers have come to expect.

Through a highly flexible manufacturing team, vendor managed inventory, and hold for release programs, our lead times can be measured in hours rather than weeks.

When you have a special requirement, such as a technical problem, expedited delivery, or for consultation, simply pick up the phone and call us at